2018.12.05 Released

Ⓟ&Ⓒ2023 kitorina records

01. U.F.O.
02. 青とグレーの間で
03. Nousta (Orb Mix)
04. Star Child
05. Planetarium
06. Space Noid
07. 扉の向こう
08. Starry Sky
09. Distance (Orb Mix)
10. Star Sand

CD定価¥2,315(+税) KTRR-004
kitorina records

木箱 6枚目のNew Album 『Orb』(オーブ)が12月5日リリース決定!!

『宇宙からの光。宇宙への光。星と心を繋ぐ6th ALBUM』






木箱 最新作『Orb』は過去のどの作品とも違う新しい木箱サウンド。

kibaco’s 6th New Album “Orb” will be released on December 5th!

Light from the universe. Light from the universe, light to the universe. The 6th ALBUM to connect stars and hearts.

The theme of this album is “Space”, and the soundscape is magnificent and dramatic. It is like a journey into outer space, a gentle story that connects the stars and the heart.

Electronica, techno, EDM, alternative, post-rock. All genres are digested and expressed in kibaco’s unique worldview.
This is a masterpiece, a culmination of his work on the theme of space.

kibaco has been performing and expressing themselves in a variety of ways, regardless of location or genre. They have performed at planetariums, the first headphone live in Hokkaido, candlelight live in the forest, and collaborated with fashion brands.

Vocalist SAyA is working on solo projects and improvisational units, and track maker Satoshi Nishimura is working as a music producer and sound engineer. The music expressed by the mixture of each other’s experience and sensitivity is all original sound with originality.

This album is produced with a different approach from the past works.
While keeping the warm sound, the arrangement is simpler and more avant-garde.
The music has been mixed and evolved to be more spatial.

kibaco’s latest work “Orb” is a new kibaco sound, different from any of his previous works.

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