2015.11.20 Released

Ⓟ&Ⓒ2015 kitorina records

木箱 アルバム『Unelma』(ウネルマ)



レディスセレクトショップ『urnis』 10周年のアニバーサリーソング「hello my special day」、木箱10周年のアニバーサリーソング「タイムロード」、シングル「nousta」のalbum versionを含む7曲+1曲(CDボーナストラック)の全8曲収録。


さあ、夢の扉を開いて Unelmaの世界へ。

kibaco  Album “Unelma

Unelma: It means “dream” in Finnish.

This is their first release in three years, a concept album based on the theme of dreams.
The story begins with the dreamy and fantastic opening song “Unelma,” which is also the title of the album.

The album contains 7 songs including the anniversary song “hello my special day” for the 10th anniversary of the women’s select store “urnis”, the anniversary song “Time Road” for the 10th anniversary of the kibaco, and the album version of the single “nousta”, plus 1 song (CD bonus track), for a total of 8 songs. track7 “Time Road” has a bonus track.

Naoko Hasegawa of Minawa sings on the chorus of track7 “Time Road”.Now, open the door of your dreams and enter the world of Unelma.

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